We offer lessons for riders who wish to learn not only how to ride a horse but also to care for their equine friends. Lessons may be private, semi-private or group. Our lessons are offered to riders ages 8 and up. Please call us for lesson rates and schedules. Our horses are gentle, predictable and in excellent health. The instructors are motivated, courteous and teach the finer points of becoming an accomplished rider and equestrian. Hunters Haven riding academy has experience and the equipment necessary to teach you how to ride safely and to have a good seat.

Open Ring Night
We are opening up the indoor ring for anyone who wants to do “practice rides”. Though this will not be under instruction, there will be an instructor present for safety and supervision. The times available would be from 4pm to 6pm Sunday nights. The cost for this would be $25 per ride. To avoid confusion, this does need to be scheduled… We cannot accommodate walk-ins.

Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding Lessons at Hunters Haven
Horsemanship and horseback riding are excellent treatment tools for many different developmental and rehabilitative needs. Equine therapy provides a unique opportunity to integrate motor, sensory and cognitive tasks. Expressive and receptive communication, physical coordination, posture, strength and balance skills are all involved in the experience of riding. The rider’s intuitive responses are transformed through the instructor’s assistance into functional skills. In addition to riding, other activities, such as grooming, leading and feeding, are also incorporated to facilitate a mutual relationship between student and horse. The natural curiosity that children have for animals also make this type of therapy both challenging and fun! To schedule a time please contact Laura Catlin PT at 617-947-3925 or hhhippotherapy@gmail.com.